Waste Paper Compress Plastic Baler

Waste Paper Compress Plastic Baler

waste paper compress plastic baler is used for the compression and and shearing of various light and heavy scrap metals comes from indstriul production and everyday life, such as light metal structural parts, and various plastic non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper materials, etc.) or directly extruding and cutting the above waste materials into smaller size for transportation and reusing process.
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waste paper compress plastic baler is mainly used for recycling compressed aluminium can, plastic, paper, tyre, tire, cotton and other waste, also known as tire baler or tyre baler. Mini hay baler machine can reduce waste storage space, save up to 80% of the accumulated space, reduce transportation costs, meanwhile, be beneficial to the environment and waste recycling.




The baler machine is designed with vertical structure, hydraulic transmission, electrical control and manual binding. And it is a good machine to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and reduce transport costs.

It is an essential tool for the tire recycling areas, cotton-producing areas, the textile industry, garment factories, waste material recycle station and various other light industry enterprises.

3.Packing & Delivery

1. Pay attention to the normal maintenance of the machine; 2. Regular maintenance and oil injection to ensure the use of No. 46 hydraulic oil; 3. The power connection must be tapped according to the diagram. Do not mix the three phases and two phases; 4. The hydraulic oil of the pumping station should not be lower than the warning line, nor can it exceed the maximum limit; 5. The pressure gauge should be kept at a working condition below 18 MPa. 6. Ensure safe and special operation, and strictly prohibit the burning of inflammable and explosive dangerous articles;



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