Car Shredder Machine

Car Shredder Machine

Car Shredder Machine is for processing scrap car bodies, tinplate class, old electrical appliances, bicycles, cans and other waste means inferior to become superior steel materials. Constantly crushed by the machine, go coating to improve the proportion of volume to prevent explosion cast furnace, at a certain state to improve the dissolution rate, etc., to meet the mills fine material into the furnace requirement.
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The Car Shredder Machine is developed based on market demand products. Mainly for a large number of waste metal recycling, pre-crushing treatment, and clean up the surface of the paint and dirt, the machine capacity of about 6-8T per hour.

The user can be equipped with different production line according to the type, size and product materials for processing the material requirements.


The shredder machine can easily pre-crush:
1.plastic sheets;2.electronic waste;3.scrap (components, subassemblies; consumables);4.metals(lead, aluminum, copper, cable, barrels, sheet scrap, sheet metal pieces left over from production processes);5.aluminum cans;6.wood(wooden pallets or fruit boxes);7.plastic(plastic bottles or canisters);8.waste tire, rubber;9.waste household appliances;10.paper waste (cardboard, newspaper, office paper, books, magazine, kraft paper, paper core, cardboard tube, paper packaging material);11.textiles (rags, garments, carpet);12.animal bones and organic waste.

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