Steel Shaving Crusher Machine SSJ-90

Steel Shaving Crusher Machine is used to crush the long steel shavings into smaller size.
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Product Details

1.Product Introduction

Shavings are used to break long shavings into smaller sizes. As we all know, wood shavings from lathes are very loose and take up too much space during storage. These long shavings are not suitable for briquetting, nor can they be used for truck transportation.

After crushing it into our steel chip crusher, the chip size is much smaller and the bulk density is higher. It is about 3 to 4 times higher than not being crushed.

After cutting into smaller sizes (about 6~8mm), these shavings are suitable for horizontal briquetting machines to obtain high-density briquetting. Even without clumps, the debris is suitable for truck transportation, and the cost can be reduced to 30%.

2.Machine model:SSJ-90


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1. Q:What's your warranty terms?

     A: We offer different warranty time for different products. Please contact with us for detailed warranty terms.

2.Q:  What about the after-sale service?

A: We provide 12 months quality warranty after dispatch,and some free easy abrasion spares of machine,we also provide long time free technical advisory services and technical consulting services during life long time,we will dispatch our engineer to go aboard to provide technical service if it is necessary.

3.Q: When we receive your machine ,is there any other Accessories we will get?

A:  Yes,we will supply some tools for installation and maintenance.And some seal rings which you will need to replace during future normal use.

4.Q:Can your products be customized?

A: Yes, we have a professional team which has rich experience in hydraulic press machine for waste metal recycling,so we'll try our best to satisfy your requirement. 


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