Briquetting PressMill scale & sponge iron briquetting press
Y83W-5000 model horizontal briquetting press,is used for pressing stainless steel chips into high density briquette at production of 2~3T/h.Briquette density will be more than 5.5T/m3.Briquette diameter 100~120mm.Y83-3600 model vertical briquetting press can be used to press Mill Scale and Sponge Iron fines.Briquette diameter can be customized at 90~120mm.This is cold pressing without any binders.Briquettes will be strong enough for handling,transportation and smelted with higher efficiency.
360Ton Briquetting Press LineAluminium Cans Baler
This Y83-3600 Briquetting Production Line is used to deal with lead chips.The functions of whole line including:briquetting press,vibration feeder,belt conveyor,block weight device(each lead will have same weight).Client is using this line with high satisfaction.ABP-1000 model Aluminium Can Baler with hopper.With fast system,three bales finished in one minute.Bale size 400*400mm.Production about 3~3.5T/h for Aluminium Cans.
Metal Shaving CrusherDouble Shaft Metal Shredder
Metal Shaving Crusher model 850 can crush long metal shavings into short size.After crushed,the loose metal shaving will have high bulk density,occupy less space and transported with lower cost.Production is around 15T/h.After crushed,the smaller size metal chips will be suitable for pressing into strong briquette on our horizontal briquetting machine.Double Shaft Metal Shredder is used for crushing all kinds of scrap metals into smaller size,which will be more suitable for recycling process.
Grantry hevy duty ShearMetal Shredding Line
This Gantry Heavy Duty Shear can used to cut heavy scrap metals into smaller size easily,which make the scrap metals transported at lower cost and convenient for feeding into furnace.Cutting length can be adjusted.Shearing force arrange from 400Ton~1250Ton.Good machine for metal recycling.This PSX-3000 Metal Shredding Line is usually used in steel plants to deal with light scrap metals,to get pure and clean qualified charging for furnace.As we know,Scrap metal which collected for furnace are impurity.This will cause the waste of energy for furnace smelting and lower quality of final product.After crushed and separated through this metal shredding line,those impurities like paint,textiles,plastic and non magnetic ingredients are removed