Improve the efficiency of the briquetting machine. We have a trick!

- Oct 15, 2019-

Improve the efficiency of the briquetting machine. We have a trick!

Increasing the efficiency of the briquetting machine can increase the output, and the investment can be quickly rewarded. As a manufacturer, we must not only ensure that our equipment works normally, but also help customers improve efficiency (referred to as high efficiency). . We have been manufacturing briquetting machines for many years and have their own tricks in providing equipment efficiency!

1. First of all, when purchasing (buy) equipment, customers should pay attention to the performance of the equipment hydraulic system. Some manufacturers can produce more than 4 times a minute. One manufacturer can only reach one minute. 2 times. When the performance of the device itself is not up to the demand, there is no way to improve efficiency.

2, choose a high-quality and fast equipment, not maintenance (Maintain), can not improve efficiency (efficiency). This requires the operator to improve maintenance and maintenance skills, and often check maintenance equipment to ensure that the equipment can be prone for long periods of time.

3. Strengthen employee management, often carry out technical training for employees (function: knowledge transfer, skill transfer, standard transfer), improve employee's sense of responsibility, and develop a reward and punishment system. The waste paper baler is used to extrude waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and is packaged and formed by special packaging belts, so that the volume thereof is greatly reduced, thereby reducing the transportation volume, saving freight, and increasing the efficiency for the enterprise. Introduced advanced technology and advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad.

In order to improve the efficiency of the briquetting machine, equipment and people are very important. Only by ensuring the performance of the equipment (xìng néng) meets the requirements, the operator can pass the assessment and strictly follow the regulations to operate and maintain the equipment. The device is proactive for a long time without failure. The metal briquetting machine is mainly used for pressing various metal chips, powdered metal powder, smelting additives, sponge iron, etc. into high-density cylindrical cake without adding any binder, and the cake density can reach 5T/ Above M3, the pressed cake can be directly used in the furnace. The cast iron grade can reach HT200-250, and the cost per ton of casting can save about 700 yuan.