Reasons why the Waste Metal Pressing Baler cannot be heated

- Jul 28, 2020-

Packing belts are used in many industries, and the use of packing belts is inseparable from the use of packing machines to complete the whole packing process. Therefore, only when the packing machine works normally can the packing effect be guaranteed. In the process of using the baler, the market cannot be heated, so the baling process cannot be completed! Today I will tell you about the reasons why the baler cannot be heated!

First of all, according to the bonding time of the packaging tape, then check the packaging effect to determine whether the packaging machine can be heated normally. After confirming that the baler cannot be heated normally, first check whether the relay is normal and whether the set time is wrong. If there is no problem with the ironing head of the packing machine, you need to consider whether there is a plastic tape on the packing belt. If there is no problem with the packing tape and the ironing head, it is necessary to consider whether it is the problem of heating wire at this time. If the heating wire does not heat, see if there is a problem with the heating wire contactor, or replace it with a new heating wire.

There is also a case where the thickness of the strapping used previously is thicker, and the thickness of the strapping used now is too thin, which will also cause the scalding head of the semi-automatic balers to not be fully seated. It's heating normally!