The working principle of Hydraulic Metal Baler

- Jun 19, 2020-

The working principle of Hydraulic Metal Baler

Add the materials to be packed into the chamber, operate the reversing valve handle, close the door cover and lock the door cover so that it does not float, perform primary pre-compression, then the pressure measuring cylinder advances for secondary compression; the stroke is in place, The main pressure cylinder advances for ultimate compression. After the main pressure cylinder reaches the system pressure, hold the pressure for 3-5 seconds. The main and side pressure cylinders return, pull out the lock and open the door cover, turn over the cylinder and return the package. This completes a working cycle.


1. The length of the block depends on the weight, material and geometry of the extruded waste, so it is not allowed to install too much waste that is denser, that is, with a higher density, otherwise it will make the block too It is too long to turn over the package, and even cause the side indenter to not be in place, causing a series of ills such as the misalignment of the main indenter.

2. When topping the bag, pay attention to whether the door cover, side cylinder and master cylinder are back in place. The master cylinder operating rod must be retracted in place when the main cylinder operating rod is in the backward direction before the manual hold-out operation can be performed.