The Main Components And Functions Of The Lathe Shavings Briquetting Press Machine

- Mar 10, 2021-

The metal briquetting machine is mainly composed of a body, a main cylinder, a side cylinder, a cover cylinder, a gate cylinder, and a locking mechanism.

Body: The body is welded separately from the left and right side frames, front frame, base, side cylinder support, and head cylinder support, and then combined and welded into a box-shaped whole. The cover plate is hinged on the left and right side walls by the support holes on the left and right side walls through two half shafts. The door slides in the support groove on the side wall. Each inner wall of the material box is equipped with guard plates to facilitate repair and replacement after wear.

Main cylinder: The main cylinder is a double-acting single-rod cylinder, which is fastened to the right side frame of the fuselage by bolt flanges. A piston is installed in the cylinder, and a YX-shaped sealing ring is installed on the piston to form two left and right oil chambers in the cylinder. When the high-pressure liquid acts on the sealing ring, the two wings of the sealing ring are closely attached to the piston and the cylinder wall to ensure that the two oil chambers are not in collusion. The two ends of the oil cylinder are also equipped with sealing rings, and the cylinder mouth is also equipped with a guide sleeve for supporting and guiding the piston rod. The piston rod and the indenter are firmly connected with a screw flange.

Side cylinder: The side cylinder is installed at the lower part of the door beam, and is hinged to the support hole of the fuselage at the rear of the right frame with two half pins. The piston rod and the indenter are connected by screw flanges for secondary compression. The material in the compression type is initially formed.

Cover cylinder: The cover cylinder is a double-acting single-rod cylinder. It is hinged on the support base of the body cover cylinder with two half shafts. The piston rod and the body cover plate are hinged with a pin shaft to drive the cover plate to rotate.

Gate cylinder: The gate cylinder is a double-acting single piston rod cylinder. One end of the cylinder is supported by a pin on the supporting seat at the rear of the left frame of the fuselage. The outer end of the piston rod is screwed to a rectangular flange, and the flange is connected to the door with screws, causing the gate cylinder to reciprocate.

Locking mechanism: The locking mechanism is composed of a spring return cylinder and parts connected with the front frame. Two sets of locking mechanisms are installed side by side in the upper hole of the front frame. The locking pin, the piston rod and the guide rod (with the oil inside) are made into one body to ensure the repeated completion of closing-locking-opening and other actions.